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Barra Coyuca

Barra Vieja

Viva la nature in its virgin state with a stroll along the lake, discovering a large variety of birds and flowers. Enjoy the cuisine of the coast in a rustic atmosphere. Ver más

Acapulco Coyuca Lagoon

Coyuca Lagoon, Acapulco is another major tourist attractions of this region located in the municipality of Coyuca de Benitez, this gap has a length exceeding 10 km and a width that reaches 5 km . Here visitors can see a rich variety of flora ... Ver más

Coyuca bar in Acapulco

Along with the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches are located some of the most beautiful attractions of the State of Guerrero, between these spaces is highlighted Coyuca Bar in Acapulco. Located near the village, this small natural corner has ce... Ver más

Mangrove Paradise Acapulco

The Paradise of Mangroves, Acapulco is one of the major nature reserves in the region. Surrounded by abundant native vegetation, this natural attraction is named after the beauty that showcases their fascinating biome. For its part, the anima... Ver más

Eco Safari in Acapulco

We invite you to enjoy one of the main tourist attractions: the ecological safari in Acapulco, an activity that year after year gains more supporters, who arrive to this beautiful tourist destination with the aim of unique holiday and admire ... Ver más

Acapulco Beach Club

The fun in a beach club in Acapulco is guaranteed thanks to the many entertainment options that provide for such facilities. Usually, these complexes are taken into account the layout of different areas for the development of exciting outdoor... Ver más

Seafood Restaurants Acapulco

The seafood restaurants, Acapulco, part of the fine cuisine that makes this Mexican destination. Tourists visiting this natural paradise has an excellent variety of local distinguished by the quality of their kitchens. In addition, its unique... Ver más

Fishing in Acapulco

Fishing in Acapulco is one of the most popular with travelers arriving from different parts of the world to enjoy this sport. In addition, visitors are able to recruit some of the different services that offer fishing trips and tours of marli... Ver más

Golf Acapulco

If you love golf, Acapulco has a variety of spaces to enjoy the practice of this unique sport, one of the most important is that offered by the Mayan Resorts Golf Acapulco, located on Avenida De Las Palmas 1121, Fraccionamiento Playa Diamante... Ver más

Water skiing in Acapulco

In the great panorama offered by the coast of southern Mexico, there are a variety of activities that boast an excellent tourist demand. In this context, water-skiing in Acapulco is one of the most interesting attractions for those who are ho... Ver más

Pie de la Cuesta Acapulco

The Pie de la Cuesta Acapulco, besides being a place of great beauty, allows the display of the best sunsets can be seen in the region. Located 10 kilometers north of the city, the place is also characterized by strong waves, ideal for experi... Ver más

Nature Reserves in Acapulco

Nature reserves in Acapulco offer a different tropical landscape of lush beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to the existence of these beautiful ecosystems, tourists have an interesting alternative for your vacation. Among the areas where wi... Ver más

Acapulco Nature Reserve

Together with its extensive beach area, southern Mexico is characterized by offering tourists a magnificent natural reserve: Acapulco is home to the Paradise of Mangroves, a fascinating scenery of lush tropical vegetation and native animals. ... Ver más

Acapulco Activities gaps

In addition to the fun days along the Pacific beaches, destinations in southern Mexico offer a range of alternatives that capture the interest of visitors. Within this context, activities in Acapulco gaps allow those who vacation in the city ... Ver más

Extreme Sports in Acapulco Guerrero

Fans of extreme sports in Acapulco Guerrero will find the widest variety of activities to satisfy your thirst for adrenaline, with complete safety and precaution in the various beaches of this tourist destination may rent waverunners, enjoy a... Ver más

Water Sports in Acapulco

Due to the natural characteristics that presents the city in Acapulco water sports are a major tourist activities that take place in the area. Thanks to the presence of extensive and clear beaches, along with the wonderful bodies of water nea... Ver más

Ecotourism in Acapulco

Ecotourism in Acapulco is one of the most interesting to know the natural wonders which characterize the Pacific Ocean beaches. Within this landscape, visitors find a variety of sectors in which to pursue outdoor fun days with species of flor... Ver más

Acapulco Tourist Areas

Despite being part of the same jurisdiction, the city is divided into different regions, known as the tourist areas of Acapulco. Thus, each sector has characteristics that distinguish it from other, facilitating the work of the tourists when ... Ver más

Long Beach Acapulco

Understood by a wide stretch of coastline, Long Beach, Acapulco is an ideal place to enjoy summer in a wonderful environment. Within this nature can take outdoor entertaining, with the practice of ecotourism greater presence in the sector. Mo... Ver más

Ecotourism in Acapulco

The wide range of ecotourism in Acapulco invited him to meet many different spaces where you can find environmental activities. You will find nature reserves and flora and fauna typical of the region, the most amazing landscapes and natural s... Ver más